Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday November 14th, 2017

 On  October 17th 2013 I did the last of 10 fecal transplants at home. I didn't have a doctor to help me. I was able to do it by myself but it wasn't easy. I took high doses (60mg) per day of prednisone to calm the inflammation and was determined to do everything I could to make this work. I was so desperate to feel well again! I read online that fecal transplant only works for C.Diff. I also read some stories where it doesn't cure UC. Was I just lucky? Did I magically get the right bacteria from my donor? I will tell you why I think it worked.

I wasn't flaring when I did it

I used my wife as a donor even though she has had colitis her whole life

My test from American Gut proved that I was low on a major bacteria and high on another one, her tests got screwed up so I didn't know what bacteria I was getting unfortunately

I did not mix the fecal matter with saline, boiled water allowed to cool and used when warm.

I used fresh transplants a few times but refrigerated for 10 hours at most

I mixed fiber powder taken from capsules to thicken up the material and provide it with a good food source to grow (about 12 capsules emptied out each time)

I used an upside down bicycle position to allow gravity to help the transplanted material to go deeper inside me

I went right to bed after each transplant so as not to move around too much and allow the transplant to stay in

 It took a long time to get this sick and it was going to take a long time to get well. Even though I wasn't sure it was going to work I did it anyways. Like I mentioned I was desperate. How desperate does a person have to be to do fecal transplant? 8 years of lost life is all it took me! Don't wait that long!

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