Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday, December 18th, 2017

 Can ulcerative colitis be cured? Google it! According to Google it can’t. So much bullshit! I keep thinking I should just give up on trying to get my story out there, quit trying to help people get better, and then I search Google and get pissed off! Surgery? Really? A cure? How to cure ulcerative colitis through fasting? Really? Apparently you have never had UC! Ayurvedic treatment? Yes buy this and you will be cured!  Only $145! What a ripoff! But the best is this – psychoanalytic treatment of ulcerative colitis! Yes it’s all in your head!
 Why must we put up with this? Why can’t Google help people find the cure? Why do they block information? How much does it cost to get Google to bury helpful information? How much suffering? How much death? How many parents must watch their child wither away and die? 
 I tell you this is wrong! Fecal transplant is easy and painless. If I had come across this first and known that it works I would have saved years of suffering! Thank you Michael Hurst! Thank you so much for getting your story out there! It took a long time but I am so glad that I read it and I am so glad that I am better now!
 Please help me to spread the word so that healing can be found.  Share this link


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