Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday November 16th, 2017

 My morning Google search for the cure for ulcerative colitis once again did not result in finding my book or my blog. I am getting about 40 views per day which shows that there is some interest. I thought I could just quit doing this, why should I care? Why do I have to continue to be obsessed with ulcerative colitis? I did that for 10 years!
 The search results are so ridiculous. First there are the ads. Google is being paid to put ads for the cure at the top of every page! Then after the ads is a Medium blog by Scott Erik Sundover dated January 8th, no year given. His story is good but there is no way to know if it’s real of if he is cured. He also is apparently rich because he had the option to go to Brazil to get a fecal transplant. His last update was January 22nd, once gain no year given. I added a comment but no response from Scott. I wish him well but the top result from a search for a cure for UC should be helpful and this just isn’t!
  Next we have the health websites. Everyday health, Healthline, Science Life, Dr. David Williams…etc. None of these address a cure. Yoga? Really??? NSAIDS??? Immune system suppressant drugs??? Surgery??? Herbs and supplements??? And finally, finally, diets! They refer to UC as a disease. They say it’s genetic but don’t know what causes it to happen. They have pictures of doctors and stories about how they lecture patients about how to manage their ‘disease’! I Googled cure not management!
 It’s disgusting that they will give space to bullshit but when a person has actually cured himself there is no room for that! It’s all about controlling symptoms! They are totally happy to allow people to continue suffering. They want you to take their drugs. They want you to have surgery. You are nothing but money to them! They look at a person with insurance and evaluate, not the condition of the patient but the amount of money they can get out of him. The system is sick!

 I will continue my efforts to get the information to those who so desperately need it because it is the right thing to do. This condition is curable! There is no reason to live with it! 

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