Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

 I googled  'cure for ulcerative colitis' today and did an advanced search, narrowing it down to the past month and my blog is showing up at 14th- 2nd on the second page! I may have to apologize to Google but I still hate that on a regular search things that are 7 years old come up first. Why should we have to do an advanced search to get recent results? It makes no sense at all!
 Today my boss was telling us how diabetes runs in the family, he said that it’s genetic. I didn’t say anything but I wanted to say that I thought that was bullshit. Look at the diet, look at the gut bacteria. Then you can fix it! You can’t fix genetics so he has come to accept that eventually he will get diabetes. This is what the medical system has focused on for years. Blame genetics. Even so far as to ask the question does our genetic makeup cause some of us to become killers? That’s crazy! The devil made me do it? Is that what we discovered with all our science?
  Through my own experience I have to say no to this. There seems to be a relationship between conditions and family but I believe it’s a result of environment, biome, and lifestyle! I know this isn’t science. Why can’t we use a scientific experiment to prove or disprove this? Through the study of gut bacteria using genetic research (of the bacteria) I think we can figure this out.

 If you are experiencing any weird illness or condition from psoriasis to headaches to tremors or hair loss have your gut bacteria tested. Compare it to the norm and you may find that you are out of balance. You may be able to cure yourself with fecal transplant. It only costs $100 through American Gut. There may be cheaper testing houses available. I will research this and let you know.

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